What Does the Name Michael Mean?

Michael  – Name Meaning

What does the name Michael mean?
Michael Jackson

When asked the question ‘What does the name Michael mean?’ I consider that Michael is a very popular male name in the Western world and has been for a very long time. Many images spring to mind when we think on the name Michael. We may think of famous people with that name such as Sir Michael Caine, Michael Bublé, Michael Jordan or the late Michael Jackson (pictured). Whether you are religious or not, you would likely have heard of the Archangel Michael and may have even the 1996 movie (Michael) where John Travolta played the character of the Archangel sent to Earth with a ‘to-do’ list.

Baby name dictionaries will give you some quaint but useless answer to the question of what does the name Michael mean. I believe “Who is like God” is a common one.

However, as you look around this website you will understand that names have far more meaning that a few words. Master Name Analyst Peter Vaughan has uncovered the true meaning of the name Michael and the characteristics such a name often gives it’s owner. What follows is a more detailed analysis of a Michael name meaning than you will find anywhere else.

What does the name Michael mean?

There is a sensitive side to this name and the bearer can be fully focused with whatever they have their attention on. They are loyal to their emotions and have a determined nature to have things done to their liking, and they are not afraid to speak their mind. Communication can be a problem at times as they have a way of expressing themselves that is not in line with the way other people think; this can cause problems and give rise to frustration.

Overall, the name carries qualities of responsibility hidden behind the desire to have more fun and to enjoy the fruits of life. Michael’s will assist to sort, and get things done, and they may do this by taking control with an air of authoritative instruction that others may see as pushy or bullying, but they are just strong willed and like things done their way.

Many times they rise to stations in life to assist others to straighten out a disorganized situation or to help put things in order so everyone can benefit from ‘their’ organizational skills, and this is fine as long as they understand tolerance and patience, but this is rare, than normal.

They do have a caring side to their nature and want things to be ripe and rosy, they may become doctors, nurses, bankers, police officers or even teachers, but always seem to be in positions where they are in charge of others for the benefit of those under their care.

They can assert force if necessary to bring about a good resolve, hence their proficiency in organizing the affairs of others, be it in any of the fields mentioned including legal or in social services, but always to help people sort their problems.

The negative side to the name can be seen when they become too bossy for their own good and people shy away, fear or shun them. They mean well, but can rub people up the wrong way by their dominant attitude dictating how things should be done instead of taking into consideration the feelings and ideas of others. They can become very verbal and even disruptive if pushed too far and their emotions are put under pressure or personal attack. However, if a job has to be managed or done, they have the capabilities to do the work.


Next steps

If your name is Michael then you should contemplate the above analysis and see it as an indication of the potential that lies within you. If you have friends that are named Michael then I encourage you to forward a link to this page to them and let them see what their name truly means.

Now it is time to step it up a notch and get an analysis (free of course) of your called name – that is your first name and your last name together. You can do that by following the links on the home page.

We look forward to being a part of your education into the power of names and trust that you have a much better feel for the answer to ‘What does the name Michael mean?’.

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