What Does the Name James Mean?

James – Name Meaning

what does the name james mean?
James Dean

When answering the question “What does the name James mean?” we first stop and consider that James is a very popular name in the Western world and has been in favor over a very long time. Wikipedia tells us that it is the fifth most popular name in the USA and roughly 1 out of every 32 Americans are named James. It is also very popular in Northern Ireland where it has appeared in the top 10 names there for the last quarter of the 20th century and continues to be popular in the 21st century.

There have been a number of men named James to make their mark in Hollywood. James Belushi, James Gandolfini, James Earl Jones and James Dean (pictured) are all actors who left their mark and James Cameron has been a very successful movie director. James Brown and James Taylor both had a number of hit songs as singer/songwriters.

If you ask ‘what does the name James mean’ of a Baby Name Dictionary you are likely to get an answer such as “he who supplants” which has clear biblical undertones or “replace” is another meaning I saw online. These “meanings” tell you nothing of the true character and energy that is present behind the name James. For a more in-depth answer on the question of the meaning of James we turn to master name analyst, Peter Vaughan, who tells us the following:


What does the name James mean?

This is a clever name in many ways, as it provides the wearer with a quick mind that easily discovers shortcuts or new ways to improve existing systems or structures, even machinery or methods that to them can be made better. Others will benefit from their clever mind and creativity. Never underestimate their ability to develop future paths based on ideas and inspiration that forerunners may have had limitations with.

In general, the bearer of this name enjoys the colorful interaction and socializing with others in work and play. They are often seen as a good conversationalist and are a pleasure to be around. They have a bright disposition and add flair to much of what they are engaged in and enjoy a good joke, a well written book, even a good film, and are happy with any form of activity or self expression, indoors or out.

They should never be underestimated for their very clever mind and ability to get on with any work at hand. There is a sense that what they do is important for whatever field of endeavor they become involved with. This is their inner strength which always lies beneath the surface of a very light and cheerful personality. But when they want to get ahead, or do something that has their full attention, little will stop them achieving what they set out to do.

They have a sense of being presentable too as they like to dress well and are generally well groomed when going out among people. They are very chatty when happy, but can withdraw and become emotional and not speak up when not happy. However, if they are pushed or pressured, they can speak their mind, sometimes without control, only to reflect afterward that they may have been a bit too uncontrolled.

They need to get outdoors where they can release their mental and physical energy flow. Too much time closed up indoors can depress them, and if they are stressed for any length of time, they may become introverted and suffer in silence. They don’t like nasty types or those that speak crudely with every second word, however, if they are very negative and have a bad attitude, they can be very coarse and want to indulge in drinking and partying and care less about being responsible.

What to do now

All people named James who are reading this should recognize the energy that is being described above. Chances are they will have many of the qualities noted above. Those that do not completely resonate should be seen as unmanifested  potential.

If you have friends that are named James then I encourage you to forward a link to this page to them and let them see what their name truly means.


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We look forward to being a part of your education into the power of names and trust that you have a much better feel for the answer to ‘What does the name James mean?’.

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