What Does the Name Emily Mean?

Emily – Name Meaning

What does the name Emily mean
Emily Browning

In considering the question ‘what does the name Emily mean?’ we start with the fact that Emily is a very popular name in the Western world. For 10 consecutive years was the most popular name given to girls in the United States of America. Despite this, there are relatively few that come to mind when thinking of famous celebrities with this name. In recent times Emily Browning (pictured) and Emily Deschanel have made their mark in movies and TV respectively. There have been a couple of famous poets called Emily, namely Emily Brontë and Emily Dickinson.

And yet, when you search for the meaning of Emily in online Baby Dictionaries you will be told that Emily means ‘rival’. Right. Really? That’s all? As it happens, no. There is a whole lot of energy behind the name Emily and Peter Vaughan has been the first person to be able to truly answer the question, what does the name Emily mean? Here is what Peter, based on his 33 years of research, has to say about the name Emily.

What does the name Emily mean?

This name carries energy and action but is also laced with being a little sensitive. It provides the person with a view of how things could be in the future. The name will gain a wealth of experience over the years from all the activities and interests the person turns their attention to. However, there will be many times when lessons and hurts are experienced, likely based on their doing too many things and spreading their energies too far and wide;

The name comes with a lot of individualistic qualities, and will often provide the owner of the name with initiative and a directness at times, telling others openly the way they like to have things organized, and will happily get in an make things happen because they may feel no one can do things properly, or at least as well as they see things need to be done. It is to be appreciated however, they do have initiative laced with creativity, and have shown by example, to be able to problem solve when faced with obstacles from a variety of origins.

The name carries qualities of a determined nature and will show a caring for, and protect loved ones, and stand strong against any adversity, but this does not remove the fact that the owner is sensitive and emotionally affected when they are on the receiving end of a verbal attack. They mean well, and will perform at their best to please everyone, often to their detriment especially in their early years.

Whenever they face a new challenge, they can come up with ideas, or at least a theory of how to overcome a problem, and give birth to new found energy to make sure they get the job done, no matter what it is. Always though, they are the type who will do things their way, and the more life experience they have, the better they become at leading the field with their chosen path. Their imagination is excellent, but if it is used for self fulfilling purposes, they will soon find they are alone.

They are endowed with the ability to recognize a problem, contemplate a solution and take control over matters using their creative insight and having a hand’s on approach after planning; designing or building whatever is required to overcome the situation.

This name provides the person with unique qualities and leadership potential, and they will make many inroads, even though many mistakes are to be encountered on the journey to their destiny. Their quick mind and ability to work in autonomous roles, and being left un-aided to get on with a task without supervision, is their trade mark. However, their only pitfall is if they rush in without the necessary knowledge about a particular thing or field of engagement, so they need to be careful and learn the ropes before they go into action. Any task they undertake will generally inspire others with their quick mind and initiative.

Where to from here?

All the Emily’s reading this should recognize the energy that is being described above. Chances are they will have many of the qualities noted above. Those that do not completely resonate should be seen as unmanifested  potential.

If you have friends that are named Emily then I encourage you to forward a link to this page to them and let them see what their name truly means.

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We look forward to being a part of your education into the power of names and trust that you have a much better feel for the answer to ‘What does the name Emily mean?’.

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