Name Regrets

Welcome to my fascinating world!

If you were to stumble upon a new form of knowledge that was so fascinating, so amazing that you devoted 33 years of your life to studying it and mastering it, how much do you think you would know by the end of those 33 years?

This is what happened to me when I first came across Numerology and it’s ability to derive the meaning of the sounds we hold most dear, our names. As I began my learning all those decades ago, I realized that whilst what was known about Numerology was fascinating and can take you to a basic level of understanding, there was more to be discovered. I was sure there was more that could be done with it and so began my journey to not merely copy what others were doing and call myself a Numerologist, but to refine the existing methodology and conduct research that would allow me to develop a higher level of Numerology and with it, a higher level of understanding of human beings.

Thousands of hours spent over three decades conducting over 200,000 name studies has given me a massive amount of empirical data from which I have developed The Vaughan Code. It started with Numerology as a tool to understanding human nature and potential, but it has grown beyond Numerology into studies of mannerisms, face shapes, body language, neuro-psychology and cognitive psychology.

I have worked with people from all walks of life to develop this knowledge. And only now, after all this time, do I feel that I am ready to share this powerful knowledge with the world. With you!

Name Regrets bookI have written Name Regrets, The Secret in Your Name, as an introduction into this fascinating world of understanding people, and in particular their names, and the power that lies within. Those who can absorb this knowledge and apply it in their lives will be empowered as a result. Having the opportunity to be one of the first to learn what I know is priceless. And yet, I want people to learn so I have allowed visitors to this website to access Name Regrets at a very affordable price.


In this book I cover such subjects as:

  • Why are names so powerful?
  • Have you got the right name tag?
  • What does your name mean for you?
  • Is your name synonymous with money?
  • Can you safely change your name to bring success?
  • What career does your name point to?
  • What is the correct way to name a baby?
  • The story about how I helped parents change the name of their baby which saved the child’s life!
  • Plus more…


Within this book I provide you with details on how to contact me personally to find out more about what your name means for you.

Because I am releasing this as an e-book there are no shipping costs and you can access the book right away.

It is hard to put a price on this sort of empowering knowledge. After much research I found that the standard price for this sort of book was $37. So this is what I decided would be the price of this e-book.

However, after discussing this with my business partners they convinced me to temporarily drop the price for those people who are lucky enough to be in first to grab this book. So, today, you can get this e-book for

$37 $17

That’s right, just $17! Crazy right? All I can say is it is your lucky day!

In exchange for this large discount, I really would appreciate your feedback via email about the parts of the book that you found most valuable and the ways you will apply the knowledge within to your life. Fair?

Just click on the “Buy Now” button below and complete your details and then you will receive your book.

I look forward to being an instrumental part in your new understanding of the true power of names.

Warm regards

Peter Vaughan