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What Names Mean presents the most accurate name calculator you are likely to find on the Internet. And it is free! This is all thanks to the lifelong passion, dedication and research of Master Numerologist, Peter Vaughan.


This Name Calculator generates its results from notes made over the course of 35 years of research. If you are going to spend time looking at a Name Calculator, you want to be certain that the results generated are not just made up by someone who does not know much more about Numerology other than that "date of birth is important...I think". This name calculator accesses the secret notes of a Master Numerologist who has been developing the art and science of Numerology for over 35 years. No online calculator is going to be as good as dealing with a Master Numerologist in person, but this one brings you as close as you are going to get. So who is this Master? His name is Peter Vaughan...


Peter Vaughan has been studying, developing and practicing Numerology for over 35 years, making him one of the most knowledgeable Numerologists on the planet. Currently residing in Auckland, New Zealand, Peter first picked up a book about Numerology in 1980. Since that time he has conducted significant research and tested theories on over 200,000 profiles. Peter kept notes on every aspect of every name you can think of and today you can access those secret notes via this name numerology calculator.

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