What Names Mean

What Names Mean


What Names MeanWhat does your name really mean?

Will naming your baby affect their future?

YES says Peter Vaughan.

Peter is an authority on what names mean and people like Bob Proctor from The Secret have sat with Peter for hours and been amazed at how he can tell all about a person Just From Their Name.

What Names Mean is a website that will change how you think about names forever!

But first, go to the Name Generator below and type your ‘first name’ in to test it for yourself, then come back and read why it is so accurate in describing you and your loved ones personality. Please note that depending on the speed of your connection, the analysis may take a few seconds to come back once you click the button. Have fun :-)


Better than a Baby Name Dictionary

A warm welcome if you are a first time visitor, and may be seeking a name for your baby and want to know how the name will affect your unborn child.

If this is you, you are in the right place. This website is not a baby name dictionary, it is much bigger, even better than that. This website allows you to investigate the meaning of absolutely any name you have in mind in the Name Generator above.

Here’s something more amazing. How a name is spelled will change its nature. This is a fact. The sound of the name Karen or Kaaren or even Karyn, when put through the Name Generator will give you some similarities BUT this is only due to the beginning of the name, the letter ‘K’. Try it out, see for yourself.

If you want to understand why this is, sign in and we will email you information that can take you on a journey of discovery like no other you have ever seen.

How to use the What Names Mean website

The above amazing Name Meaning Generator is the focus of this website. If you have not already,  go and try out your name, the names of those you love and those you work with. By the time you finish you will have a better idea about the potential in each of these people.

Next, you will notice that we have spotlighted some particularly popular names by giving them their own page. We have started with Michael, James and Emily but will be adding more as time passes. Feel free to check these out if you know people with these names.

Finally, share in some of the amazing research findings that Peter has uncovered by entering your details in the form at the top right hand side of this page and getting access to a couple of excerpts from his recently published book, Name Regrets. Understand how names affect people, why there is a correct and incorrect way to name a child and how to do it correctly as well as getting insight into why the different spelling of a name (Karen vs. Caryn) affects the name-holder in a different way.

Enjoy this website and please share it with your friends by clicking on an Einstein voting button below and Facebook share in style!

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